If you thought Kendrick Lamar, A Tribe Called Quest and Pusha T supporting him on his Yeezus tour would be the highlights, think again, as Kanye West has really outdone it with the extravagance this time.

The live stint kicked off in Seattle on Saturday, with reports that the 27 song set included mountains, pyramids and even a Jesus impersonator in its stage show. The latter came during West’s rendition of ‘Jesus Walks’. Of course.

Watch Kanye discuss the outlandish Yeezus live show in the interview below:

And check out photos beneath, along with the setlist, via FACT and ChildishvGambino.

1. On Sight
2. New Slaves
3. Send It Up
4. Mercy
5. Power
6. Cold
7. Black Skinhead
8. I Don’t Like (Remix)
9. I Am a God
10. Can’t Tell Me Nothing
11. Coldest Winter
12. Hold My Liquor
13. I’m In It
Drunk and Hot Girl (melody only)
14. Guilt Trip
15. Heartless
16. Blood On The Leaves
17. I Wonder
18. Runaway
Hey Mama (instrumental)
19. Streetlights
20. Lost In the World
21. Heard Em Say
22. Stronger
23. Through the Wire (chorus only)
24. Jesus Walks
25. Flashing Lights
26. All of the Lights
27. Bound 2