South London’s lady of the year, Jessie Ware has vented about difficulties in gaining clearance for her use of a Big Pun sample.

The snippet in question comes at the beginning of the track ’110%’, where the singer uses the lines “carvin’ my initials on your forehead” (although some more NSFW interpretations have been suggested) from the late rapper’s song ‘The Dream Shatterer’.

Ware has thus been forced to change the words for its upcoming U.S release, opting instead for “Coming on a mission like a warhead”.

The title of the track has also been altered, taking the new name of ‘If You’re Never Gonna Move’.

She spoke to Billboard about the predicament:

“We had to be imaginative and change the words. It’s annoying but it always happens.”


Her American EP release drops 15 January.

Watch the video for the Julio Bashmore-featuring track below: