Having shared the fuzz-fuelled lead single, "Give Up And Gamble" last month, Jelly Boy is back with another golden guitar tune that oozes a mixture of Elliott Smith and Benji Compston's former group Happyness.

On the new single, he explains, "I met a guy once who told me how he once lost something precious down the U-bend of a sink and assumed it was irretrievable, only to have a more practically minded person remind him what a U-bend is for. I guess that’s what this song is about. I also compulsively wash my hands and like Lorca."

Jelly Boy's debut EP Everybody Is A Universe was recorded on both sides of the Atlantic, with Mac DeMarco having lent his home studio in LA for tracking. Compston plays every instrument across the five tracks.

"Lavese Las Manos" is out now. Everybody Is A Universe lands 5 April via Cannibal Hymns.