"The Revolution Of Super Visions" is Weaver's first new song since last year's Fenella project.

Weaver says of her new release, "The revolution accidentally happens because so many people visualise the same ideals and something supernatural occurs. Everyone is exhausted with social media, inequality and the toxic masculinity of world leaders contributing to a dying planet."


  1. Heartlow
  2. The Revolution Of Super Visions
  3. Stages Of Phases
  4. Lux
  5. Modern Reputation
  6. Flock
  7. Sunset Dreams
  8. All The Things You Do
  9. Pyramid Schemes
  10. Solarised
"The Revolution Of Super Visions" is out now. Jane Weaver's Flock album will arrive via Fire Records on 5 March 2021, and is available to pre-order now.