According to TMZ Swift has filed documents "giving her the right to brand a website 'featuring non-downloadable multi-media content in the nature of audio recordings'".

It's not all that surprising she'd want to take streaming into her own hands given her protracted, well-publicised disputes with various major services - including Apple Music, the only major to stream her material.

As well as a streaming service - or something eerily similar - the docs suggest Swift could be lining up a range of musical instruments and related products, including "guitars, guitar picks, guitar straps, and drumsticks", plus experiences such as "retreats, educational camps, and self-guided online courses."

Swift's savvy business mind is well documented - it emerged in 2015 she'd already trademarked key lyrics from 1989 well before its release - but this move is a big one, especially if she looks to rival the likes of TIDAL, Spotify, and Apple Music.

In other Swift news, we may be getting new music fairly soon.