As the duo of Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville unveil the yellow-themed video for "Learn To Let Go", directed by Diana Kunst, we catch up the perennial Best Fit faves for a chat about a transformative year.

What can you tell us about the new video?

IDER: "We worked with a director called Diana Kunst who we developed ideas with. We wanted to create something that felt real and that captured a sense of humanity and character... the people in the video aren't actors."

There's a lot of yellow...

"Haha​,​ yea​h​ yellow does feature. The colour is symbolic of the song."

How did you get to work with Diana Kunst?

"We'd seen some of her work and fell in love with how raw and real it is - she captures natural beauty in a way that we really connect to. We got in touch with Diana and sent her the track and our ideas and she was immediately onboard."

You've got a couple of sold-out shows coming up at Archspace, have you got anything special prepared for these?

"Yes... but we'll tell you about it after. We don't want to spoil it..."

How do you feel the IDER live show has developed? Has a summer of festivals helped in any way?

"We're loving our live shows more than ever. We feel like we've taken a step up since playing festivals over the summer. We're super in tune with each other at the moment and the chemistry is strong!"

A lot has happened over the past 18 months...the debut single, the EP, signing to Glassnote, a debut album potentially on the way...are you happy with where IDER are right now?

"It's definitely been a busy year. We're very happy. But we're constantly thinking what's next..."

Do you feel you've changed much as a band or as people?

"Hopefully - in that we'd like to think we're growing as a band all the time, but also not really, apart from we're maybe starting to merge into each other. Kind of like how dogs start to look like their owners - is that a thing?"

I mean, how has the time and everything that's gone on affected you both?
"It's been a really wicked year, and everything's affected us in a very positive way. The most important thing for us is to remember not to overthink and to keep acting on our initial instincts."

How is 2018 shaping up for IDER?

"It's curvy. We're writing and recording lots and have exciting things in the pipeline. But we're taking it day by day - who knows what it could end up looking like..."

IDER play two sold-out shows at London's Archspace on 25 and 26 October.