"I'll Be The Death Of You" follows on from last week's lead single and comeback track "Death Engine".

Video director Douglas Hart says of the song and visual, "With a song so beautifully arranged and musically textured, the video needed to mirror this by using extremes of colour and light to underscore the sound. Also musically the song has an epic quality... So the dramatic locations were chosen to match the scope of the arrangement."


Warnings, I Break Horses' third album, will follow on from 2014's Chiaroscuro.

Vocalist Maria Lindén says of the record, "It’s not a political album, though it relates to the alarmist times we live in. Each song is a subtle warning of something not being quite right."

Speaking about the process of making the album, Lindén adds, "It has been some time in the making. About five years, involving several studios, collaborations that didn’t work out, a crashed hard drive with about two years of work, writing new material again instead of trying to repair it. New studio recordings, erasing everything, then recording most of the album myself at home…"

"I'll Be The Death Of You" is out now. I Break Horses' Warnings album lands 8 May via Bella Union, and is available to pre-order now.