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Hudson Mohawke Airborne Lard 001 please credit Jesse Lirola

Hudson Mohawke unleashes third mixtape-style compilation Airborne Lard

18 September 2020, 16:25 | Written by Cerys Kenneally

Hudson Mohawke has released his third and final surprise mixtape-style compilation Airborne Lard.

Airborne Lard follows on from Hudson Mohawke's Poom Gems and B.B.H.E. mixtapes that landed earlier in the summer.

The new release features fan favourite "Furnace Loop", which was only previously available on the Japanese edition of 2011's Satin Panthers album.

Before releasing B.B.H.E., Ross Birchard, aka Hudson Mohawke, revealed on Twitter the reason why he wants to make the previously unreleased material available, "Back at start of lockdown I decided I was gona release some music of mine that I’d just rediscovered, after thinking it was lost, n some that had appeared in radio rips / reddit / youtube etc that I continually get asked for but has never been available officially."

As well as releasing material from his vault, Mohawke also released a new EP titled Heart of the Night in July.


  1. Be Ur Fantasy
  2. 3_2
  3. Cypress Phil
  4. Chocolate Keytar
  5. Bloody Marshmellow
  6. Hooker In A Cardboard Box
  7. Juggler
  8. Costas
  9. Eternal Blonde
  10. Bunsen Honeydew
  11. Maybe It’s Dawn
  12. Furnace Loop
  13. Human
Hudson Mohawke's Airborne Lard mixtape is out now on Warp.
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