The London/Somerset six-piece only released a record back in February - the highly rated In Black and Gold - but have speedily created the follow up.

Guitarist Jonathan Richards said of the record: "We have noticed a small wave of incredible goodwill towards us. We want to give as we receive. Maybe the knowledge of our 12 years together makes us aware of our mortality. Time is limited. A band’s purpose is to create... after 12 years functioning in a Noiserock/Doom/Kraut/whatatever scene of sorts and being aware of unwanted repetition, we feel it is more subversive for us to compose songs with rigid song structures than it is to absentmindedly clang off another riff-athon... everything is the same for us, but we might have just a little more vision and discipline."

"Hop The Railings" is a visceral six minutes of interwoven guitar strands, clacking beats and brittle desert-psych basslines. 

Radio Static High is out 2 October. Its predecessor In Black and Gold is out now.

Stream "Hop The Railings" below.