This year's event - which takes place around the world on 21 April - features over 500 exclusives, with reissues, deluxe editions, rarities, and oddities all hitting independent record stores.

As well as offerings by Sigrid (the Don't Kill My Vibe EP), Prince (a reissue of the European 1LP version of 1999), Arcade Fire (their early self-titled EP), and Courtney Barnett (a limited edition sneak preview of her upcoming LP Tell Me How You Really Feel), there'll be goodies from David Bowie, Blue Planet II, DMX, Nas, Madonna, Twin Peaks, and hundreds more.

Tim Burgess is also finally a special solo record featuring his dream supergroup that was recorded way back in 2008.

Check out the full list of Record Store Day 2018 releases, and explore them in more detail on the RSD site.