Eerily apologetic, "Mass Grave" is the first offering from HEALTH since last year's collaboration with NOLIFE.

The group have teamed up with Soccer Mommy for the new single. HEALTH explain, “The annals of music history are filled with a rich tradition of trios. Crosby, Stills, & Nash... Emerson, Lake, and Palmer… Lennon, McCartney, and that other guy… And now Soccer Mommy, the guy from Purity Ring, and HEALTH."

It's not the first time HEALTH have worked with Purity Ring, after Purity Ring gave HEALTH's "Life" a new edit back in 2016.

HEALTH also provided a rework of Purity Ring's "Begin Again" back in 2015.

Soccer Mommy explains more about the collaboration, "I really enjoyed getting to work with the guys from HEALTH on this song. It’s one of the first features I’ve ever done and I love the finished product. It has a kind of apathetic sadness to it that I was really drawn to.”

HEALTH's last album was 2015's Death Magic.

Soccer Mommy recently performed a session for Best Fit covering Bruce Springsteen's "I'm On Fire".

HEALTH and Soccer Mommy's "Mass Grave" is out now.