The track follows a deluge of hallucinogenic teasers from the band, with woozy visuals and sounds mingling in small snippets uploaded to YouTube. "Three Rings" is from the band's upcoming record - which doesn't yet have a title or release date - and as well as the new noises, the band have actually continued sharing those visual teasers - which, as some intrepid fans have noticed, have various cities from around the globe tagged. Are these new tour dates?

Grizzly Bear have been working on the LP since 1 June last year, providing many updates in the time since - in October it was revealed they were "90%" done. The band's most recent album, Shields, was released in 2012.

"We're feeling more adventurous with the sonic directions, changing it up a little bit - not like, a techno dance album… it's in the beginning stages," frontman Ed Droste explained in an interview in 2015. "Only a couple songs have started to take shape and it's gotta be like, a good dozen or so before we get the picture."

"Three Rings" is now.