After Lil Uzi Vert revealed last month that he's been "making hits" with Grimes, the two collaborators have shared via Twitter that they're up for getting "brain chips" implanted together.

The "brain chips" are a likely reference to her boyfriend Elon Musk's brain chip device called Neuralink, described as "ultra high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers".

Yesterday (7 February), Lil Uzi Vert simply tweeted, "NEURALINK". A few hours later, Grimes replied, "Let’s get brain chips".

The rapper reposted Grimes' response and wrote, "I’m ready when we doing it ?" Grimes responded, "Let’s aim for chips by 2022. it’s experimental surgery but if it succeeds we’ll have the knowledge of the Gods haha."

Rapper Kreayshawn also responded to Grimes' Tweet, "Can I get one too?" Grimes replied, "Yes haha."

Although Grimes and Lil Uzi Vert haven't released a collaboration yet, Grimes did reveal in 2019 that she produced a whole EP for him, but he didn't even download the WeTransfer file when she sent it to him. Grimes told Zane Lowe, "[Lil Uzi Vert] asked me to produce an EP for him once and then I sent him the WeTransfer and he never downloaded it. And I was like, ‘Dude, I spent two weeks on this.’ It hurt my feelings."

Last month Grimes revealed that she's finishing work on her next album.