girl in red, real name Marie Ulven, hasn't released new music since November's "two queens in a king-sized bed", but today (1 March) Ulven has announced her debut album if i could make it go quiet, as well as the album's lead single "Serotonin".

"Serotonin" will arrive on Wednesday (3 March), and features production from FINNEAS and Matias Téllez. The new track will follow last year's "rue", which landed as a first taster of Ulven's debut album.

The tracks that make up if i could make it go quiet are all written by Ulven, and produced by Téllez.

Speaking to Insider in June last year about her forthcoming debut album, girl in red said, "It's definitely more mature. My grandma even said it: 'Marie, you've grown so much this past year.' So I feel like my new music sort of reflects that growth, that's sort of been off-screen. Nobody has seen it because it's not really been in my music yet."

Ulven adds, "So I feel like people will definitely get to know a more mature version of me. I've been able to reflect way more on things that are not only happening on my behalf, but also understanding other people's feelings."

"Serotonin" will arrive on Wednesday (3 March). girl in red's if i could make it go quiet debut album will follow on 30 April.