Playing tracks spanning across the group’s five records, including several from new album Always Ascending, Franz Ferdinand demonstrated exactly how they’ve managed to enjoy such longevity: an ability to get people moving. Brixton was hot and full of energy. After the set was over, you would’ve been hard-pressed to find a face that didn’t have beads of sweat trickling down.

“I do feel lucky. I feel lucky to share this music with all of you, and I feel lucky to share this stage with two incredible bands,” Kapranos said, referencing the two support acts, Meggie Brown and The Strokes’ Albert Hammond Jr., who were warmly received. Apart from this tribute, talk was kept to a minimum, with the group preferring to squeeze as many tracks as possible into their ninety-minute set. While most of the crowd were happy to pogo along to almost the entire performance, it was, of course, ‘Take Me Out’ which saw the 5000-strong Brixton burst into dance.

Franz Ferdinand’s new album, Always Ascending, is out now.

Franz Ferdinand played:

Always Ascending

The Dark Of The Matinée

No You Girls

Paper Cages

Do You Want To

Lazy Boy

Glimpse Of Love

Walk Away




Slow Don’t Kill Me Slow

Take Me Out



Feel The Love Go

Love Illumination

Huck & Jim

This Fire