Foals are giving fans tiny teasers as they prepare the begin the launch of their first of two albums landing this year. Yesterday they revealed the release date for the first album, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, and have today provoked fans to try and locate numerous mysterious envelopes in random locations.

The group started their day by teasing two envelopes on Twitter with just coordinates and a black and white image of the envelopes in their locations.

Foals seem to be leading their fans on a treasure hunt, but no one exactly knows what's inside - Could it be gig tickets? Or even a clue for the first single?

The first image appears to be a London station ticket machine (thanks to the Oyster card pad), while the second shows the envelope on the door to a glass-fronted building or a lift.

After searching the coordinates, it seems the first envelope is taped to a ticket machine near, or in Peckham Rye train station. The second envelope is located near the Rokin Metro station in central Amsterdam.

Update at 11:47am: Foals have delivered a third envelope location which appears to be in Hamburg's Elbbrücken station.

Over the past week Foals have started the build-up for their follow-up to 2015's What Went Down.

Foals' first album of the year, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, has been confirmed for release on 8 March, with the second album scheduled to land in Autumn this year.