The original appears on Farao's The Hours EP. Her debut record Till It's All Forgotten, was released via Full Time Hobby last year.

Speaking about the edit, Farao says: "This is a rework of an old song of mine that I wrote almost five years ago. It’s actually the fourth recorded version of the song and I feel like it’s finally found it’s place. The song is about family ties and feels just as relevant to me now as when I wrote it."

The album version "The Hours" is a touching track with distorted percussion and twinkling guitars, which slowly evolves into a tangled web of darkness. Farao's rework is bursting with vibrant electronic pulses and glitched-out stabs of fizzing noise - it's smoother, less volatile, and finely chiselled into a precise piece of emotional pop.

Farao plays a headline gig at London's The Lexington on 11 April.

Stream "The Hours (Rework)" below.