Dutch Uncles, British Sea Power, Girl Ray, Sky Larkin, Francis Lung, C Duncan, Max Cooper, Maxïmo Park, Stealing Sheep, Public Service Broadcasting, and Bossy Love have also donated (or pledged to donate) stems for the project, which will grow and expand in the coming months.

The new project is being coordinated by Dutch Uncles' Robin Richards, who explains: "The stems database represents the organ donor register. The ease with which is it to upload a stem to help somebody make a track is representative of how simple it is to sign up to the organ donation register and potentially save a life."

You can hear a sample of some of the stems donated so far below, and have a go at making your own track on the Speed Donating Singles website.

As well as being able to play with the stems, you can download the samples as rework them at your leisure - make your own and then share what you come up with by emailing the Speed Donating Singles team.

Find out more about becoming an organ donor.