Eminem is up there with the greatest rappers of all time, and when it comes to rapping, skill, and lyricism, you know you can trust Eminem.

Over the weekend, Eminem responded to a tweet asking who is the greatest rapper of all time. Eminem replied, "For me, in no particular order... Toss up between wayne, pac, royce, jay, redman, treach, g. rap, biggie & king crook...."

In a second tweet, he added, "Plus redman, LL, nas, joyner, kendrick, cole, andre, rakim, kane..."

Frequent collaborator Joyner Lucas has since responded to being in Eminem's list. He wrote on Instagram yeaterday (14 June), "If you played ball and studied Michael Jordan as the greatest, and then Michael Jordan name drops you as one of the greatest ball players of all time. That’s how this feels to me."

Back in April, Eminem donated cups of Mom’s Spaghetti to Detroit healthcare workers during the coronavirus pandemic.