Her first single in several years, "Aryan Nation" is a frankly honest look at the world today. Taken from Exile In The Outer Ring, her third album due out in August, it’s a blistering piece of noise rock. Sludgy over-driven guitars launch the track into its anthemic chorus, and raw vocals and impassioned delivery draw attention to EMA’s deeply personal and starkly candid lyrics.

"I actually wrote this song about three years ago. It was partially inspired by people I’ve known in the past and also the British film This Is England, which most people in the UK are familiar with but hardly any Americans have seen," EMA explains. "In the movie a group of non-racist UK skinheads in the '80s are radicalized through prison, poverty, and needless war. The results are violent and tragic. When I watched it I felt like I recognized a glimmer of their hopelessness and confusion in parts of America, but I had no clue how much that would explode in 2017."


  1. 7 Years
  2. Breathalyzer
  3. I Wanna Destroy
  4. Blood and Chalk
  5. Down and Out
  6. Fire Water Air LSD
  7. Aryan Nation
  8. Nihilistic and Female
  9. Receive Love
  10. Always Bleeds
  11. Where The Darkness Began
"Aryan Nation" is out now. Exile In The Outer Ring is out on 25 August via City Slang.