Psych shoegazers, DIIV have told NME that they’ve decided to cancel their upcoming European tour during May, pulling out of both Brighton’s Great Escape festival and Primavera in Barcelona in the process.

The band’s frontman Zachary Cole Smith told the mag:

“I have to be off the road. I’ve been touring in various formations for three years, and the past year of my life has been completely give over to being on the road. It’s an unspoken thing, it’s not real articulated pressure to constantly tour, but I do feel it… There’s just this constant barrage of stuff. As an artist, the biggest, most important reason for me to do this is to write and create. That then becomes the thing that falls by the wayside because you have to keep all this other stuff going.”


This information, however, wasn’t meant to be confirmed, with Smith accusing the publication of jumping the gun.

He later tweeted:

“i mentioned off-the-record that i was likely going to cancel our next European tour, NME pulled the trigger on it. lesson learned. sorry all.”


DIIV’s upcoming gig at London’s Heaven has also fallen victim to the cancellation. Meanwhile, the group also reveal that they’ve been writing and recording their second album, follow-up to last year’s debut Oshin, with former Girls bassist Chet JR White.