In the video, which aired last night during the Polaris Music Prize ceremony, Hynes runs through why Jepsen's third LP is a "modern classic."

"Every song is timeless," Hynes says. "The melodies are incredible, glorious... and it's fun. In times like these it's good to have a solid, enjoyable record."

The Polaris Prize was eventually scooped by Montreal producer Kaytranada.

There are a bunch of vids from last night's ceremony up online. You can also watch Jeff Tweedy lavish praise on Andy Shauf's The Party, Iggy Pop discuss his love of U.S. Girls' Half Free, and Amber Tamblyn chat about the ins and outs of White Lung's Paradise.

Watch Hynes talk about E•MO•TION below. You can watch Jepsen's "Your Type" perfomance after.