We all remember that Tenacious D music video where Dave Grohl played the devil right?

Now it appears Dave Grohl is trying to summon his Tenacious D alter-ego as he gave a 100% tip on a bill primarily amounting to $333.

The friendly joke saw Grohl tip another $333 on top, taking the amount to the devilish number of $666. Ideal.

Images originally appeared on a Foo Fighters Facebook group and have since circulated Twitter.

Grohl was in Hollywood's Rainbow Bar & Grill on Sunset Blvd having completed a pop-up show with Foo Fighters in the city earlier on.

The talented multi-instrumentalist and all-round legend even took time to meet fans in the bar.

It also emerged via The Independent today that Foo Fighters brought two fans on stage to perform a cover of Queen's "Under Pressure", a few days after the late superstar's birthday

Dave Grohl is undoubtedly a humble guy. Last month he released a 23-minute composition written, recorded between seven instruments, and performed absolutely solo, which came with a mini-documentary around devoting your life to music.