She spoke at length about how she creates music ("I don't show anyone until it's 95% done...") and touring, as well as the environmental impact of being a working musician - "I think about it every day, every time I get on a plane... but I don't have any answers. I just try to do enough tiny things that I hope it makes a difference".

The session was also opened up to the floor to questions from fans in the audience - with Barnett opening up about karaoke habits, her dream jobs as a child (ballerina, vet, swimmer, tennis player, mail deliverer), and current listening habits (including Leonard Cohen and Jay Som). She was also asked to help a fan make a tough choice - to see her headline performance or Low's, which take place at the same time.

"I'm gutted I'll be missing Low," Barnett said, before joking that she "wanted to throw a sickie [to] go down and see them."

At the end of the conversaton, it was revealed that Bea - a then-9-year-old girl who wrote a very sweet letter in 2016 asking the festival's organisers to book Barnett - was in the audience and able to finally meet her favourite artist.

End Of The Road festival continues today (31 August) with sets from Low and Courtney Barnett... choose wisely.