"I Wanna Be a Dog" is Green's first release from her Cool album, which will be her first album in six years, following 2015's I Want To Grow Up.

The new album, produced by Gordon Raphael and Green, was recorded across multiple studios in Southern California including comp-ny (Glendale), Tenement Yard (North Hollywood), and Cosmic Vinyl (Los Angeles).


  1. Someone Else
  2. I Wanna Be a Dog
  3. Posi Vibes
  4. Highway
  5. Natural Chorus
  6. You Don’t Exist
  7. It’s Nice to Be Nice
  8. How Much Should You Love a Husband?
  9. I Believe in Love
  10. Pressure to Cum
"I Wanna Be a Dog" is out now. Colleen Green's Cool album will be released 10 September via Hardly Art, and is available to pre-order now.