"It's Not You" is the fifth and final song to be shared from Hotel Surrender before its release tomorrow, landing after previous outings "Feel Good", "Whatever Tomorrow", "Low" and "Get High".

Hotel Surrender will be Nick Murphy's first Chet Faker album since 2014's Built on Glass, and is produced and written by Murphy.

He says of the album, "There were a lot of heavy perspective shifters for me. I really just thought of the music in a different light. I look at it as a mass therapy now. I think I used to see it as this plight, like I was on a crusade or this creative odyssey. Now I see that it’s more Shamanistic. You’ve got to find some light - or sometimes dark, whatever’s right - and share it. I realised that was the heart of the Chet Faker project. And I felt like the world was hurting, so I thought, ‘I can do a small something to give people some joy'."

"It's Not You" is out now. Chet Faker's Hotel Surrender album will be released tomorrow (16 July) via his own label Detail Records in partnership with BMG, and is available to pre-order now.