Earlier today Wolfe shared new single "The Mother Road", which is the opening track of her follow up to 2017's Hiss Spun.

Speaking about her new record, Wolfe says, "I’ve been in a state of constant motion for the past eight years or so; touring, moving, playing new stages, exploring new places and meeting new people—an incredible time of learning and growing as a musician and performer. But after awhile, I was beginning to lose a part of myself. I needed to take some time away from the road to get my head straight, to learn to take better care of myself, and to write and record as much as I can while I have "Mercury in my hands", as a wise friend put it."


  1. The Mother Road
  2. American Darkness
  3. Birth of Violence
  4. Deranged for Rock & Roll
  5. Be All Things
  6. Erde
  7. When Anger Turns to Honey
  8. Dirt Universe
  9. Little Grave
  10. Preface to a Dream Play
  11. Highway
"The Mother Road" is out now. Birth of Violence lands 13 September via Sargent House. Chelsea Wolfe tours North America this autumn. Find out more.