An alliance of Welsh musicians will perform at Cardiff's The Tramshed in order to stimulate discussions about a potential referendum for Wales to exit the United Kingdom.

Charlotte Church, Super Furry Animals keyboardist Cian Ciarán, Gruff Rhys and Gwenno, 2018 Welsh Music Prize winners Boy Azooga, Astroid Boys and Los Blancos are the Welsh musicians involved so far.

Cian Ciarán is one of the leading faces in the Welsh independence movement, and is driving the event forward in the hope of gaining more support around Welsh independence, particularly with Brexit looming on the horizon.

Expanding on the event, Ciarán explains, "There comes a time where opinion on something like support for Welsh independence breaks out from the ones you’d expect to be involved in the debate, the politicians, activists, the commentariat, and just becomes common sense. ‘Yes Is More!’ wants to showcase some of that."

He adds, "There is a proud tradition here in Wales for standing up for what’s right, we have produced pioneers and visionaries."

Gwenno is also at the forefront of the movement, having released her Welsh-speaking Y Dydd Olaf record back in 2015, which featured opening track "Chwyldro" - in English it means revolution. Expanding on her involvement, Gwenno explains, "What if there are other ways of co-existing? What if we can organise ourselves differently? There is an innate anarchy to art and an absolute potential in utilising it for the good whilst imagining better futures. We want to continue a conversation about an inclusive self-determination by drawing on our past, embracing our neighbours across the UK and the world with open arms, whilst also making sure that we're singing along to the best possible tune."

Gruff Rhys adds, "Flags, anthems and nationalism for the sake of themselves are cultural dead ends and should be kept for ceremonial sporting events. The beauty of music (and art) on the other hand is how it acts as a precious and secular space beyond the rigidity of politics and nationality where opinions can be discussed and society mirrored, celebrated, ridiculed and criticised. We wish to explore how self-determination could work. How it could help us make a society that values all its inhabitants irrespective of means and background, and how we could take a step back from the colonial, patriarchal and militaristic mindset that prevails.”

Yes Is More! takes place at Tramshed in Cardiff on 15 February 2019 from 6pm. Tickets are on sale now. Find out more.