The new album features three pieces composed by Dessner, with the title-track dedicated to The Revenant director Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu.

"Concerto for Two Pianos", and "Haven" are the other two pieces by Dessner, with a snippet of "Haven" featuring on the short clip for the Labèque sisters' Minimalist Dream House Quartet concert below.

The Labèque sisters will also reveal a Thom Yorke composition next month, which he initially announced in January.

Last week The National announced their eighth album, I Am Easy To Find.


  1. Concerto for Two Pianos: First Movement
  2. Concerto for Two Pianos: Second Movement
  3. Concerto for Two Pianos: Third Movement
  4. Haven
  5. El Chan: El Charco del Ingenio
  6. El Chan: Points of Light
  7. El Chan: Four Winds
  8. El Chan: Ballade d’Allende
  9. El Chan: Coyote
  10. El Chan: Pool of El Chan
  11. El Chan: Mountain
El Chan is released 5 April via Deutsche Grammophon. Bryce Dessner will perform the new work with the Labèque sisters, Thom Yorke, and David Chalmin on 9 April at London's Barbican. Find out more.