The synopsis for the movie on IMDB reads, "An American student who is living a privileged existence at Glasgow School of Art when her father unexpectedly dies. Consumed with her loss, she finds herself re-examining both her life and inner circle."

Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro have made an original score for the movie, which is due to be premiered at Edinburgh Film Festival next month.

Speakng to NME last year about their upcoming projects, vocalist Simon Neil explained of the soundtrack, "I see it as six pairs of songs. There are a couple of songs that are acoustic and but Nick Cave-y, there are a couple that are full-on electronic, a couple of songs that are weird hardcore songs, a couple of big epic rock songs, and we’re just trying to approach it in a different way."

The soundtrack will be Biffy Clyro's first collection of tracks since 2016's Ellipsis.

Balance, Not Symmetry will be screened at the Edinburgh Film Festival on 23 June. Find out more.