Having released his last album proper back in 2008, Beck looks set to drop two new records over the next twelve months.

The American musician recently put out Song Reader, a collection of sheet music comprised of original material, but is now looking to return to more traditional formats.

Beck told NME that there could potentially be a dual release in 2013.

The singer told the magazine:

“There is music and it’s coming! I have this one record I started in 2008. It got put to the side for a long time but recently I’ve been mixing some of the songs. I’m not sure if they’ll be singles or EPs or an album but it’ll come out in some way and it sounds… sonically adventurous. I also have a record that I recorded last year in Nashville, which I may or may not finish.”


Beck’s last single, the Jack White-produced ‘I Just Started Hating Some People Today’, on came out earlier this year.