"Fort Greene Park" is the fourth single to be shared from Battles' fourth LP, after "A Loop So Nice…", "They Played It Twice", and "Titanium 2 Step".

Battles' new album Juice B Crypts will be their first since 2015's La Di Da Di, and is produced and mixed by Chris Tabron (Trash Talk, Beyonce, Mobb Deep, Ratking).

Speaking about their fourth record, Ian Williams of Battles explains, "It’s about chord progressions, resolutions, returning home. Take that and throw it into a blender of modern electronic tools like glitching devices, or use melodic lines and take them and regurgitate them and pulverise the traditional stuff but at the same time try and retain harmonic relationships while completely smashing them up."

"Fort Greene Park" is out now. Battles' Juice B Crypts record will land on 18 October via Warp. They play London's EartH on 25 October. Find out more.