"Breathe" is the second track to be lifted from Bad Sounds' forthcoming EP, after "Sympathetic Vibrations" dropped earlier this month.

Speaking about the new single, Callum Merrett explains, ""Breathe "is about the inescapability of our own human nature. How we are destructive purely by existing, and it isn’t something we can help. Some of us carry the burden of that responsibility and truly feel the guilt of being human. We’re all kind of hoping that it means something in the end, but perhaps that’s just desperately optimistic. Naive even. Also there is a chainsaw at the start."

Escaping From A Violent Time vol. 1 will be Bad Sounds' first collection of tracks since releasing their debut album Get Better last year.

The EP was written and recorded in an underground former prison cell in Bristol, and is produced by the Merrett brothers themselves. Comparing the album to the EP, the Merrett brothers say, "We wanted Get Better to feel as optimistic and timeless as possible, so we wanted Escaping From A Violent Time to feel more visceral, and of this moment."


  1. Breathe
  2. Permanent
  3. Jenny
  4. Hard Times (skit)
  5. Sympathetic Vibrations
"Breathe" is out now. Bad Sounds' Escaping From A Violent Time vol. 1 EP is due for release on 17 January 2020. They play a sold-out show at London's Colours on 28 November.