Following on from last year's Quiet River of Dust Vol. 1, Richard Reed Parry has shared new single "Long Way Back", the first from Vol. 2 of his Quiet River of Dust records.

Having shared his favourite Nine Songs with Best Fit last September, Richard Reed Parry's upcoming record will feature a further nine new songs, as well as the record's closing track, "Long Way Back".


  1. The Fiddlers Play
  2. Lost in the Waves
  3. In a Moment
  4. Where Did I Go
  5. It’s All Around You
  6. Cups in the Ocean
  7. Throw a Cup of Water
  8. Heaeven for Meg
  9. A Few Last Things
  10. Long Way Back
"Long Way Back" is out now. Quiet River of Dust Vol. 2: That Side of the River will drop on 21 June via ANTI-, and is available to pre-order now.