The BRIT Award-nominated artist is swiftly following up her recent protest single with CocoRosie, "Smoke 'em Out", which was released in support of the recent Women's Marches.

Paradise, which features all-new music, is a collaboration with producers Oneohtrix Point Never and Hudson Mohawke - a press release explains that "ANOHNI seeks to support activist conversations and disrupt assumptions about popular music through the collision of electronic sound and highly politicized lyrics."

In a statement, ANOHNI adds:

"Our new leaders hope to crush our spirits and expedite ecocide in the name of virulent progress, consumerism and false security. Like Jihadis, many capitalists and Christians compulsively seek to facilitate a righteous 'holy war', or apocalypse. For millennia, Men have enslaved women and attempted to appropriate female creative power, re-casting themselves as gods and creators. This assault continues today in the forms of ruthless wealth and mineral extraction, genetic engineering, mass surveillance and war mongering. But as Donald Trump and his cabinet now demonstrate, the skills encouraged in men by their biologies and the tools that boys master in the playground have not equipped them to deal with the unprecedented global crisis we are now facing."

"Mothers, your sons are trapped in a nightmare; they are not capable of responsibly negotiating the destructive agency that they now wield. More profound even than a crime against humanity, fathers and sons now compulsively prepare to commit ecocide, in a final and irreversible assault upon creation itself. Only an intervention by women around the world, with their innate knowledge of interdependency, deep listening, empathy and self-sacrifice, could possibly alter our species’ desperate course."

The cover art features nine portraits - the women pictured "reflect the feminine oracle that ANOHNI evoked in her live concert tour."


  1. In My Dreams
  2. Paradise
  3. Jesus Will Kill You
  4. Enemy
  5. Ricochet
  6. She Doesn’t Mourn Her Loss
The Paradise EP is released 17 March via Rough Trade. You can pre-order now.