Last week, Andrew Weatherall passed away aged 56. Since his death, Weatherall's dedicated fans have been collating mixes from every corner of his career.

The resulting product is The Weatherdrive - a Google Drive folder that includes 900 hours worth of mixes, radio shows, and live recordings spanning 1988-2020.

In that 85gb file, fans have also included tracklists, unreleased tracks, press clippings, and fan art.

According to Mixmag, Martin Brannagan - who is involved in the curation of The Weatherdrive - says of the project, "The joy and thrill is that I know we’re still far from complete. Andrew was so prolific and his era spanned radio rips onto cassette to mixtapes and CDRs through to early internet streaming radio and present day where all radio is streamed and full soundboards are available days after the gig. The last week of grief, reflection, love, honour and reminiscing of Andrew in our corner of the internet has also lead to a glut of people digging out their old tapes and working out getting them online. I can see myself being extremely busy in the next few weeks and months, which obviously comes at a complete shock and numbness in the realisation that there will be no date stamped files after 20200217."

He adds, "Our Guv'nor, The Chairman, Lord Sabre, Andrew Weatherall has left us. But what a legacy he has left us and I’m proud to have somehow become the internet archivist for such a great, great person but I couldn’t do any of it without the dedication and contributions of everyone on the cloud site and on the Flightpath and ALFOS groups who want to share the works, the joy and the experience of hearing the mastery of Andrew Weatherall."

Head over to Google Drive to check out The Weatherdrive, it's very well organised!