"Baby Teeth" is Alice Glass' first outing since remixing, and appearing on Dorian Electra's "Iron Fist" with Faris Badwan earlier this month, and comes with an animated video made by Astra Zero and Lucas David.

The new single is also accompanied by details of Alice Glass' debut album Prey//IV, which will also include her earlier releases "Suffer and Swallow" and 2018's "I Trusted You".

Back in May, Alice Glass also collaborated with Alice Longyu Gao on "LEGEND".


  1. Prey
  2. Pinned Beneath Limbs
  3. Love Is Violence
  4. Baby Teeth
  5. Everybody Else
  6. The Hunted
  7. Fair Game
  8. Witch Hunt
  9. Suffer and Swallow
  10. Suffer in Peace
  11. Animosity
  12. I Trusted You
  13. Sorrow Ends
"Baby Teeth" is out now. Alice Glass' debut solo album Prey//IV will arrive via her own Eating Glass Records on 28 January 2022.