The track follows "Keep It Close To Me" in previewing the outfit's long-awaited debut record.

It's a silky-smooth offering with wiry guitars and punchy percussion. Instead of melting into a silvery pool of melody and texture, the quartet make a spiky pop cut in the vein of Arthur Beatrice or Woman's Hour - it's hella catchy and oozing with charm, but this is a new side of the band. It's up on its feet, dancing on tables and singing eyes closed to the sky.

Yumi Zouma's Josh Burgess explains the track:
“'Barricade' was the first song that was really collaborative for us. I remember sitting on the floor in Charlie's apartment playing an unplugged bass, Charlie with an unplugged guitar and Christie humming out melodies. I hadn't worked on a track like that since I was in college. Around the mid-‘00s there was a real fetishization of 'solo musician in their bedroom writes indie pop masterpiece' which I think was a result of everyone getting MacBooks, multi track recording becoming seamless and people being sick of diplomatic creative arrangements. We worked that way (in isolation) on our first two EPs, but last year made a conscious effort to write together. It was never for the spontaneous element (the final version of ‘Barricade’ is a far cry from unplugged guitars and bass) rather, a way to squeeze the best ideas out of us and chop the strongest parts into a track.” 

Yoncalla is out 27 May on Cascine. They'll play London's Moth Club in 21 June to support the release.

Stream "Barricade (Matter Of Fact)" below.