Things have been a little quiet for Kisses since the release of The Heart Of The Nightlife – their debut album from waaaaaay back in 2010, when chillwave was at its height of blog dominance and quality control was sniffed at with a gentle shrug.

In fairness, Kisses were one of the many casualties lumped into a genre of such limited life span that, looking back now, it was down to moderately lazy journalism that said debut wasn’t celebrated more. Oozing with a late night sassy funk flare; Jessie Kivel’s pop sensibility shining throughout. So, whilst we await new Kisses material, take solace in this re-working of Wild Cub’s ‘Straight No Turns’. A shot of warm air for the fast approaching winter months.

Wild Cub release a special edition of their album Youth in the UK on January 14.