Having already penned songs for artists including Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Dua Lipa, The Chainsmokers, Marshmello and Hailee Steinfeld, adroit songwriter Skylar Stonestreet no-doubt has an sturdy resume. While her writing credits are impressive to say the least, the Vegas-born, LA-based artist is now traveling down her own distinct sonic path with the release of “Things Changed,” a resplendent follow-up to “Cliff Drive”, her 2020 debut single as The Sunshine State.

Striking a balance between alt-pop and arena-worthy indie-rock, “Things Changed” is a luminous and fortifying sophomore single. Draped with summery tones and a compelling sonic rhythm, the track lifts spirits and nurtures the weary. Spearheaded by an infectious melody, beaming vocals, and introspective lyrics, “Things Changed” feels like a testament to the open road, venturing to the unknown and arriving to a locale of self-discovery.

"’Things Changed’ is about where I was in my life and where I could have gone,” Stonestreet shares this about her song. "It’s about who I was with and where they ended up. It’s about the different roads you can take and the ones you choose to leave behind”.

A breast cancer survivor and it’s her experience, determination, and zest for life that is the backbone to Stonestreet’s promising career. "[Breast cancer] doesn't define me," she shares. "But now I want to help other people who are going through it. And I want girls to know that they should feel okay in their own skin”.

"Things Changed" is available now. Follow The Sunshine State on Instagram.