Driven by the kind of thunderous percussion and majestic string hook that served The Verve such success in the late 90s, "Make Me Better" also carries that intangible sense of purpose in every beat. Here we are treated to a stoic bassline that runs deep alongside epic orchestral peaks and blissfully indulgent vocals reminiscent of Ashcroft himself.

It's little surprise, what with the Madchester comparisons, that producer Ewan Pearson is behind the record. This is the man that helped bring Jagwar Ma's love for baggy to life; the man that may well have given M83's electronics its no-bounds, gazey sheen.

TEN FÉ appear to share Pearson's penchant for larger than life music with this wonderful first offering. If this is what the duo is aspiring to at this stage, we're right with them.


5 - Electronic Beats City Festival, Podgorica 
19 - The Louisiana, Bristol
23 - St Pancras Old Church, London
25 - The Reepherbahn Festival, Hamburg
2 - Electronic Beats City Festival. Bucharest
16 - Electronic Beats City Festival, Budapest
6 - Electronic Beats City Festival, Zagreb

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