This summer is undoubtedly going to be awash with chillwave-esque bands trying to replicate the success of the quasi-genre in the two previous summers. So it’s nice that a band have jumped the gun and released a perfect remedy to the recent cold snap. It’s no surprise that said band are from Los Angeles, a five-piece named Airlines. With a degree of mystery about them and only a solitary EP to go on, I’ll go out on a limb and say they may already be ahead of that aforementioned pack.

Airlines create music they describe – with tongue firmly in cheek – as ‘Island Disco’. Considering the tribal aspects of most of their songs, it is a pretty concise and accurate way of summing up what they do. ‘Burial Grounds’ exemplifies this as you are first met with tribal drums and call and repeat backing vocals. The only way the song can be described is if you imagine Baltimora’s 80′s hit ‘Tarzan Boy’ produced by Miike Snow. In other words, this is pure pop perfection.

Airline – Burial Grounds