“I wanna be your friend / Wanna ask your advice on a weekday / Wanna plan something nice for the weekend”, sings Friends‘ frontwoman Samantha. Enticing and yet just a bit terrifying – much like the rest of this exclusive new track, ‘Friend Crush’.

Friends are from Brooklyn, but they sound like they could be straight out of Sweden. The band has recently signed to unexpected hitmakers du jour Lucky Number (responsible for the stratospherically successful Darwin Deez) and, on the strength of this debut, are sure to fit in perfectly with the label’s wonderfully slanted vision of what pop music should sound like. A wonderful concoction of reverb-heavy drums, celestial guitar lines, and that strangely familiar vocal hook, this is a classic earworm.

At just four months old, Friends remain very much in their infancy. But with the next single already in the pipeline, and an album coming some time this year, it is surely only a matter of time before Samantha and co become your Friends too.

Friends: Friend Crush