From those first glitchy harp notes, “Anyway” seems to exist in some slinky, amorphous otherworld. The sound seems to get bigger, dreamier with every bar, adding understated yet overwhelming flourishes along the way—see, for example, the choir of vocals that take each chorus to its deserving apex. Underneath it all, fans of Thievery Corporation may find themselves falling in love with the dub-influenced bass line that keeps everything “trucking along” while reaching near-trunk-rattling status.

The duo says: "'Anyway' just kind of trucks along at its own pace, which is similar to the writing process, and even more so with the way we were living at the time we made it. Maybe that's why our friend Molerat likes it. Or maybe he just likes a harp hangin' loose over a groove? Who knows with Molerat."

Slum Sociable's debut EP drops in March via Liberation Music.