Working with ice master Luca Roncoroni, creative director of Sweden's ICEHOTEL, along with a gang of volunteers, Royal Canoe drew more than 5,000 people to witness their baltic performance over two nights in sub-zero temperatures. Quite a way to celebrate ten years as a band, and it's typical of the sonic adventures we've come to expect from them over the years.

"Today We’re Believers" is a track about new beginnings and new life emerging beyond winter’s cruelest months - a fittingly positive approach to looking forward to 2021. Originally released as the title track to their 2013 album, the unique sonics of the carved river ice on the glacial version takes things to another level entirely.

As well as Royal Canoe, Matt Peters and Matt Schellenberg joined forces this year as deadmen, a production duo collaborating with regular Royal Canoe collaborator Begonia and E.GG on the stunning "I Could Spend A Lifetime", and with Infinito and E.GG again on "Good Fortune".

Royal Canoe released the Glacial concert recordings as an EP in May. Watch the full concert and documentary below.

Download Ho! Ho! Ho! Canada XII or stream the album in full on Bandcamp