Red Moon's first outing “Dogma” centres around a metronomic piano chord that builds, its quiet drama reflecting the remote Norwegian forests of Nittedal in which it was conceived, until bright percussion and stirring strings transform the track into an expansive, gushing piece.

Accompanied by a striking video, the track's beautifully arranged vocal layers cascade over one another, evoking comparisons to AURORA and fellow flame-haired siren Florence Welch.

Speaking on the song, Red Moon explains: “My question is: ‘can we live an unfiltered life?’ One where we can be open. It seems pretty unthinkable that it would be possible or make sense, since without all the knowledge and experience from ourselves and our ancestors, who would we even be? Can we be better? And I am not talking about the advanced technology that will bring us to a different level, but the spiritual levels, shared bonds and knowledge and understanding for each human…”

“Dogma” is an incredibly versatile first offering, demonstrating Red Moon's stellar songwriting style and a masterful art in celestial production and theatrical delivery.

“Dogma” is out today via Decca. Catch Red Moon live on 13 February at The Lexington for Ja Ja Ja London, and find Red Moon on Facebook.