Whereas "Mistress" showed Rachel Foxx's adept skill for putting together a sultry, self-confident dancefloor hit, "Wish" finds her in a far more vulnerable and honest state as she faces a relationship dilemma.

She speaks candidly about she basically can't get over her ex, singing longingly "Every time that you / Catch my eye / I'll tell you the truth / I wish he was you and I", stuck at the crossroads as she gets lost in her daydreams for her ex and feels unable to give her all to the person she's actually in a relationship with.

In her own words, Foxx explains the meaning behind the song saying "Wish is about being with someone but thinking about your ex, or in someone else you'd rather be with. I wrote this song when I was in a similar type of situation.... but that story is for another day"

"Wish", taken from Foxx's upcoming EP entitled Flame, floats along a stream of gorgeous R&B beats, exhibiting another side to Foxx's talent, showing that she can still carry her own when the production is more stripped back. Ultimately it only serves to prove that she can effortlessly turn her talent in seemingly any direction she wishes and cements her as a truly exciting rising R&B talent - who knows where she'll go next.

Flame will be released on 30 May.