They may have only released their debut album Superstore earlier this year, but Petrie are back with their latest summery tune just in time for the sunny weather. Bringing a firm twist on their delectable synth-pop sound, new single “Personal Space” infuses disco beats and rich synth tones for a shamelessly toe-tapping, hip-shimmying experience; three minutes well spent, if only such times went reliably hand-in-hand with sharing living quarters.

Like Petrie’s other tunes, “Personal Space” drags the pair’s rose-tinged quest for romance into the relatable realm with the banalities and complexities of everyday life. “The song explores the mechanics of moving in with someone with what we hope is a sense of playful melancholy,” share Laurie and George of the band, the track itself highlighting the delicate balance of wanting to get to know someone better whilst dealing with their qualities that are, admittedly, less cute - with or without the obligatory pinot grigio.

“’Personal Space’ is our latest attempt to enrich what we consider to be #quotidianpopmusic with references to our fave pop culture institutions and honest, self-evaluative poetry,” continue the band. “This time we chose to pull from disco, deconstructing classics and rebuilding them with flairs of the modern (namely a smear of excitable ad-libs and a healthy dose of self-evaluation all soaked in off-license wine.” And that doesn’t sound too bad at all.

“Personal Space” is available now. Follow Petrie on Facebook.