“Shit needs to be shaken up.” That's Alyse Lamb's battlecry as she declares that the war has begun and calls on her army screeching "Get out in front of it!" in amongst a sea of menacing, bending guitars.

See, Parlor Walls are not happy about the way things are and with their new EP EXO, they are here to call it out and shake things up. "Low Vulture" perfectly brings together the overwhelming feelings of discontent and frustration that lie at the heart of the EP. It is a power song that cuts deep with its raw emotion and jaggered time signatures that flit and flirt around to hypnotic effect.

Lamb had previously been a ballerina, and met fellow band member, keyboardist/drummer Chris Mulligan, when he offered to paint a leotard for the performer when he saw her playing in another band. There's definitely a hint of the darkness and elegance of Black Swan in their sound which is firmly immeshed into their passionate delivery. Ultimately this all culminates in them having a distinctively haunting signature sound that packs a punch and leaves you thinking.

"Low Vulture" will be available everywhere this Friday 16 March and EXO will be released on Friday 4 May via Northern Spy Records.