It’s no wonder synth-pop duo OOFJ call Los Angeles home these days, as their latest single, “I Forgive You”, from their upcoming sophomore LP Acute Feast, dials up the cinematics to grandiose heights.

Vocalist Katherine Mills-Reimer comes off as a silver-screen Beth Gibbons (of Portishead), calmly repeating her refrain of “I forgive you / like I’m supposed to” while Jenno Bjørnkjær shifts her ambience from noir-dipped strings to a rave-worthy EDM beat, finally settling on an intoxicating mix of the two.  It’s a wily juxtaposition to Mills-Reimer’s deadpan admission of her backhanded good deed.

Acute Feast drops 21 April courtesy of Ring the Alarm.  The duo can be caught the following weekend at a trio of Brooklyn dates:


25 – Public Assembly, Brooklyn, NY

26 – 404, Brooklyn, NY

27 – The Woods, Brooklyn, NY